Our Menu Refund and Account Credit Policy: What You Need to Know

Our Menu Refund and Account Credit Policy: What You Need to Know


At Done Menu, our top priority is delivering exceptional, custom-designed menus tailored to each customer’s unique business needs. But we also understand that occasional issues can emerge that require refunds or account credits. This article outlines Done Menu's fully transparent payment refund and account credit policies so customers know exactly what to expect.

Processed Orders - No Refunds

Once a menu is fully processed, unfortunately Done Menu is unable to offer refunds or credits due to administrative constraints. Our payment systems make it financially unviable.

Unprocessed Orders - 95% Credit

However, for menus that have not yet been processed, customers may request an account credit within 2 calendar days of the original payment date. Requests made after 2 days generally will not be honored.

If granted, credits will be valued at 95% of the original payment amount, less a 5% processing fee that covers administrative costs on our end. Credits do not have cash value and can only be used towards future orders.

Non-Refundable Items

Any additional fees paid for customizations, upgrades, or services associated with a menu (such as advertising, menu design, photography, writing, etc.) are non-refundable if an account credit is granted. The credit will only apply to the base order amount, not these supplemental fees.

Payment Processing Fees

Our payment processing system deducts transaction fees from refunded orders that are not returned to us. This means if we refund an order, even with an account credit, we still incur processing fees that put us at a financial loss. The 5% account credit fee helps cover a small portion of the payment fees we still incur.

Avoiding Refunds

To avoid the need for refund requests, please get familiar with our PreFlight process which outlines the significant effort we put into carefully crafting each menu. We follow best practices to ensure menus meet customer expectations prior to processing them.